Papers & Junk

Below are links to some papers I have written for various classes.

Joshua 2 Background

Colossians 1,Sermon Paper


First Corinthians Background

Imitation of Christ Review

NAFWB and the SBC


Book Review of Love, Freedom, and Evil: Does Authentic Love Require Free Will?

Some Reflections on Christian Friendship

Founder of Christianity: Jesus or Paul?

Inspiration in the Book of Acts

The Ethiopian Eunuch: A Paradigm for Homosexual Inclusion?

The Global South

Missio Dei & Cross-Cultural Communication

Baptism in Romans 6:1-4

Paul & Homosexuality in Romans 1

A Philosophical Profile on Paul Tillich

A Case for Historic Premillennialism Book Review

The Early Christian Attitude Concerning Astronomy and Thoughts on the Galileo Controversy

Fasting for the Glory of Christ Devotional Notes

After Paul Left Corinth

An Exegetical Study on 1st Corinthians 6

An Exegetical Study on Mark 2 with a Focus on Christian Fasting

Five Discourses of Matthew

God’s Holy Force?

Huldrych Zwingli

John’s “I Am” Statements

Jesus’ Seven Messianic Signs

Let the Nations Be Glad Book Summary

Mary in Scripture


My favorite Tweets

In The Beginning…

The Supremacy of Christ and Sex

The Doctrine of Salvation

Paul and the Historicity of Adam and Eve

Chart on Romans 7

Jewish Texts on Homosexuality


2 responses to “Papers & Junk

    • I actually got the choice to read any book of my choosing as long as it related to something within my theology 2 class. I greatly enjoyed the book and have recommened it often to peers and parishioners.

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