Eight Arguments for Traditional Marriage

bgfbfhhI believe in marriage. Why do i believe in it? I believe in it because it is sacred. Marriage is a creational norm. A creational norm is a divine law that governs the way human individuals and cultures operate. There are right and wrong ways to fulfill your God-given earthly task, no matter what it is. Below are my eight arguments in support of traditional marriage.

First, for all of history, marriage has been viewed as a comprehensive union of body and mind between a man and a woman that is ordered towards family life and fidelity. Marriage is a comprehensive union that brings a man and a woman together in three unique ways: 1) it unites two people in their most basic dimensions (body and minds), 2) it unites them with respect to procreation, family life, and its broad domestic sharing, and 3) it unite them permanently and exclusively. This is the view of Plato, Augustine, Aquinas, Socrates, and many more. This is the very definition of marriage and is typically referred to as the traditional or conjugal view. The problem that arises when it comes to the revisionist view (which so-called same sex marriage is buttressed upon) is that it simply is not a marriage. A same-sex marriage is no more a marriage any more than a square is a circle. It is a confusion concerning terms. The definition precludes the revision.

Second, the redefinition of marriage as an emotional bond between two people excludes any government regulation period. The government ought to be involved in marriage. Why? Family life is the foundation for government. But if marriage is simply redefined to be an emotional bond between people, there really seems to be no basis for government regulation at all. If people were consistent with this revisionist position, then government would also have to regulate friendships and any other non-sexual bond, which are emotional bonds between people.

gender-symbolsThird, government has a role in marriage because government has a role in the production of good, upright citizens. What produces those? Families. The social sciences have been very helpful in recognizing that children are harmed as a result of same-sex rearing. The best homes are and have always been those with a father and a mother. Good citizens depend on strong families who create children that can work within a society as functioning member. So-called same sex marriage harms children.

Fourth, no one wants to pull the curtain and talk about the elephant in the room itself, homosexuality. Homosexuality is not conducive to human flourishing. This isn’t news. The greater rates of mental illness, abuse, and other things are concerning to say the least. So-called same sex marriage promotes and institutionalizes the practice of homosexuality. Homosexuality is morally wrong. Turning a moral wrong into a civil right is a dangerous precedent.

635927511271607436-2008413619_gender blurFifth, once you change the definition of marriage, of course anything goes. This includes polygamy, polyamory, incestuous “marriages”, and a host of other issues. This has already occurred. Google search these things. Slippery slope arguments are valid when you’re on a slope. This is a cultural slope for sure.

Sixth, the institution is ancient and has worked. What gives our current culture the right to say the thousands of years that preceded it were wrong? It sounds like what C.S. Lewis called chronological snobbery. Chronological snobbery is the modern tendency to reject everything that came before it because we simply know better. It could be the case that this is not progress but a profound regress.

Seventh, marriage is a pre-political reality that the state recognizes; it does not create. That is going beyond its power and authority. I’m obviously revealing my cards but it is on purpose. Marriage is created by God (Gen. 1-2, Matt. 19, Eph. 5). God tells us in his word to let marriage be honored by all. Because he created it, it is His right to decide its contours, purposes, and ends. Ephesians 5 is very important here. Marriage showcases the relationship between Christ and His Church. It is a sacred and holy thing.

Eighth, marriage exists in part for procreation. Homosexual couples cannot naturally procreate. While some will charge the writer with discrimination, it should be pointed out that nature itself discriminates. Both a man and a woman are needed to procreate.



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