25 Ways to Love Your Spouse by Danny Akin

1) List the top 10 reasons I’m the most fortunate husband/wife in the world. Read them aloud to your spouse.

2) Surprise your mate by doing one of his or her chores. When asked why, give a smooch and say, “because you are worth it.”

3) Don’t just show—tell! Say, “I love you.”

4) Communicate your plans to each other. On Sunday night, go over your schedules for the coming week.

5) Use the T.H.I.N.K. method to determine whether an issue needs to be brought up. Is it true? Helpful? Important? Necessary? Kind?

6) Plan an appreciation celebration for your mate, complete with his or her favorite meal.

7) Look at your schedule. Make time with your spouse a weekly priority.

8) Bring back those dating days. After picking up the sitter, walk back outside and knock on the door with flowers in your hand.

9) Don’t turn on the TV until after dinnertime, if at all. Wait for a conversation to break out.

10) Pray together. Thank God for your mate, then pray for his or her special needs.

11) On your spouse’s birthday, send your in-laws a thank-you card.

12) Set boundaries in outside relationships. Don’t let anyone take away too much of the time you spend with your spouse.

13) Are you seeing eye to eye? Experts have found the deeper the love, the more frequent the eye contact.

14) Pull out old love letters, taking turns reading and reminiscing.

15) Take turns reading the Bible each night.

16) Stretch out birthdays with special activities, fun surprises and a whole lot of hoopla.

17) Be a student of your spouse. Learn what he likes. Learn what she needs.

18) Treat your wife like a lady. Open doors and hold chairs.

19) Throw away fighting words like “you never…” and “you should…” Use healing words like “I’m sorry…” and “you might be right.”

20) Make church attendance a joyful priority.

21) Instead of making a joke at your spouse’s expense, give a sincere compliment.

22) Create traditions as a couple by budgeting money for special times together.

23) Be affectionate. Back rubs and tender hand-holding communicate love.

24) Choose your battles carefully.

25) Be a person of integrity. Give your spouse no reason to doubt your word or question your commitment.


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