50 Things I want My Youth To Know

10703600_313269798855556_3788653739346013651_nI’ve been a youth minister now for over two years and recently began teaching Bible at a local Christian school. Below are 50 things I desire my students to know.

  1. There is more mercy in Jesus than sin in us.
  2. God is sovereign over all things and works all things for our good.
  3. The best repentance is a swift and deep repentance.
  4. Delighting in God’s Word will create deep caverns of joy in our innermost being.
  5. A Christian man or woman isn’t much of anything without patient and persistent prayer.
  6. Jesus is worth not giving into temptation, being mocked by the world, and sacrificing everything.
  7. Your parents, youth minister, mentor, pastor, elders, and friends love you.
  8. Sometimes the problem isn’t you not living up to the cultural standard. Sometimes the problem is with the standard itself.
  9. You are what God says you are regardless of what your feelings or the world has to say.
  10. God will resurrect all things in the end. What you do now for him will never be in vain. It will all find a part in God’s glorious future.
  11. Evil will not have the final say so. God always wins. Even when it does not look to be the case it is true. He will triumph.
  12. Your wallet and speech reveal quite a lot about your heart.
  13. Master the Word of God. Better yet, be mastered by the Word of God. Swim in the Bible.
  14. Be silent and listen to his voice.
  15. It is better to be put outside by the world with God than side with it and perish.
  16. It may seem bigoted, narrow-minded, or offensive but Jesus is the only one who has ever done anything to solve our sin problem. We worship God his way which is through Jesus.
  17. It is better to be faithful than cool.
  18. Good art is worth spending much labor and effort. Bad art falls short of God’s glory.
  19. Go find a spouse and love her as Christ loved the Church. Go find a spouse and joyfully submit to him as the Church does for Christ. Both play the Jesus role.
  20. Nothing in this world will truly satisfy you. You have a God-shaped hole that only He can fill.
  21. There’s nothing wrong with weeping from time to time over the state of the world. In fact, far too little of us feel the burdens and great tragedies of the world.
  22. Never be too busy to help someone in need. Christ took the time to redeem you.
  23. God’s glory is the most precious treasure in the universe. The whole universe is a theater for his glory.
  24. Listen to older and wiser saints and elders. They’ve earned the right to speak in your life.
  25. image (1)Be humble.
  26. Always pursue, advocate, and fight for the good, the true, and the beautiful.
  27. Don’t waste your life on good yet trivial matters. Give yourself to something or someone greater than yourself.
  28. Work is a good thing. It preceded the Fall of man.
  29. Sometimes the best thing to do is take a long and God-glorifying nap. Rest is a command.
  30. Be honest and open enough to admit you are a profound sinner. Paul called himself the chief of sinners and he did so only because he had never met me.
  31. The Gospel is a diamond that has many excellencies and beauties when turned in the light.
  32. We are to love God with our whole lives—heart, soul, mind, body, and will.
  33. Motives matter and we are commanded to take pleasure in God.
  34. The Bible is a true and sure foundation.
  35. Learn to truly listen to others.
  36. Enjoy the voices of your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ during worship.
  37. Sin is deceitful and never offers good on its promises.
  38. The only thing you add to your salvation is the sin from which you are saved. Don’t diminish his glory by taking any credit for his blood-bought work of art.
  39. God is the final authority and has rights over all his Creation.
  40. Some of the best things in the world are found outside, around bonfires with friends, and at the bottom of coffee cups.
  41. The truth always deserves to be told. Speak the truth even if your voice trembles. Speak the truth even if you’re the only one.
  42. Save yourself for marriage.
  43. We have a mission to complete until Jesus returns. There is work to be done.
  44. There’s nothing wrong with passion and zeal for the kingdom of God.
  45. Clean water, good food, rich friendships, air in your lungs, the greenness of leaves, the contours of your fellow man’s face, and rain are all blessings from God.
  46. Look for God in the mundane and ordinary.
  47. We don’t truly know ourselves fully. Only the Lord knows us that much. Don’t trust yourself too much. Put your confidence in God.
  48. Repent of all pride.
  49. Give God all the glory.
  50. Live a life full of love. Love for God. Love for your spouse. Love for your parents. Love for your siblings. Love for your friends. Love for your neighbor. Love for yourself. Love for the world.

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