Some Probing Questions on Abortion

071912_First_Question_1725x810-PAN_18905A question is an invitation for mutual understanding. It is a call to adequately determine and celebrate beliefs and ideas. The question can do what the harsh or sharp word cannot- it can bring life. Here are some probing and practical questions on the issue of abortion.

Have you ever met a person that was not a human being?

If you’re not sure when life begins, is it right to kill it? What happens if you’re wrong?

Would it be justified for parents to find out the sex of their child and then abort it because it is a girl and not a boy (like they do in China)?

If one could determine the sexuality of their baby in the womb, would you have a problem with parents aborting their baby if they found out it was homosexual?

If someone kills a pregnant woman, the perpetrator is charged with double homicide under the Unborn Victims of Violence Act. Why is it acceptable for a woman to kill her baby but not acceptable for someone else to do the same?

If men are not allowed to have an opinion on abortion because they cannot get pregnant, what about Roe vs. Wade? It was an all male court that legalized elective abortion in 1973.

If a baby survives an abortion procedure, do you believe it ought to be given swift and adequate medical care even if the parents do not want it?

Do you think it is acceptable for people to abort all mentally handicap babies because their lives will be too difficult?

rgrWhat gives someone value and dignity?

Does age, race, sex, ability, size, development, or location determine whether or not you have intrinsic worth as a human being?

Would you have a problem with a government program that decided to reduce poverty by offering low income women free access to abortion? What if the vast majority of women within the program were minorities?

It is argued that a rape victim should be allowed to abort her baby because the pain of having that child would be too great. Are there any other cases where we are allowed to kill those that cause us great emotional and psychological pain?

Why do you think people oppose things like abortion and infanticide?

Should there be a limit to how many abortions a woman is allowed to procure? Should she be allowed to use abortion as birth control?

Should someone who is adamantly opposed to the practice of abortion be forced through taxation to pay for it?

Are there any other moral issues that are solely private affairs between a doctor and the parents?

If rights are created and given by the government, what grounds would you have for opposing the government completely outlawing abortion today? Is the right to abortion unalienable?

If there’s nothing morally wrong with abortion, why seek to make it rare?

If it was scientifically shown that abortion psychologically, emotionally, and physically hurt women, would you oppose it?

Is it wrong to show pictures or a video of abortion to inform the public of the nature of the procedure? If so, would it be wrong to likewise show pictures of the Holocaust or Rwandan genocide?

questions-and-answersIf a young man is willing and able to provide and love the child he helped create, is it all right for the woman to abort the baby regardless of the man’s desire?

Do you think elective abortion is a solution to third world poverty?

Does a teenager under the age of 17 need her parent’s permission to receive an abortion? What if the parent’s want the child but the daughter does not? Should doctors be required to inform parents of teenagers that their child came in for an abortion?

If the government should stay out of the private, family issue of abortion, should tax money be given to companies like Planned Parenthood who perform over 300,000 abortions annually? If the government should stay out of the abortion issue, what about the judicial branch? Is it not a part of the government?

Why do women mourn over miscarriages and express happiness over the news of pregnancy?

Should someone’s desire for you to live determine whether or not you should be allowed to live?

If the baby is just a part of a woman’s body and not its own entity, is it true that a woman could possibly possess two sets of DNA, a different gender, or even a penis?

Does a pregnancy ever result in anything other than the birth of a human being? Is it possible for someone to give birth to anything but a human?

vdfvfdIs being human enough?

If you are religious, how does God’s existence factor into the question of abortion?

If the unborn is growing, isn’t it alive?

Is it ever just and good to restrict the rights of one for others?

Why are you prochoice?


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