Ten Guidelines for Devotional Reading

  1. nt_wright_bibleSpiritual reading requires a primary emphasis on the devotional use of Scripture.
  2. The art of devotional reading is less a matter of techniques and more a matter of attitudes of the heart.
  3. Devotional reading has more of the character of a spiritual awakening out of cultural sleep than it has the idea of improving existing attitudes.
  4. Devotional reading has its own pace, a slower pace.
  5. Choose classics of faith and devotion from a broad spectrum of God’s people.
  6. Enjoy spiritual friendships with soul-friends so that you can mutually benefit in a group-study or in shared reading program.
  7. Recognize that spiritual reading meets with obstacles that discourage, distract, and dissuade you from persistence in your reading.
  8. Seek a balance in your reading between modern and ancient writings.
  9. Accompany your spiritual reading with the keeping of a journal or some reflective notebook.
  10. Choose carefully the devotional work that you desire to read for life-changing benefits to your soul. Pray seriously and seek someone to help you in the quest.

James M. Houston, A Guide to Devotional Reading


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