The Use of Abortion Images

bgfbfPeople object very loudly against the idea of showing what occurs in an abortion. I disagree. I think the images and videos of an abortion need to be seen by the general public. We don’t understand the full import of what it means to systematically rip a baby to pieces and suck out his or her brains until we see it with our own eyes. Unless evil be seen and hated, it will never be stopped. There’s a precedent here also. Ever heard of Emmett Till? His murder was a catalyst to the civil rights movement.

One writer recounted the story remarking, “Accused of whistling at a white woman, fourteen-year-old Till was beaten beyond recognition, shot in the head, and thrown into the Tallahatchie river. His mother chose to invite the public and media to Emmett’s funeral, and allow the press to take photographs. Mrs. Till also chose to leave her son’s casket open. Millions were enraged by the murder of the young boy, especially after seeing the widely publicized photo of Emmett’s mangled face. Mrs. Till told the media, ‘I want the whole world to see what they did to my baby.’”

Rosa Parks, a key figure in the civil rights movement, said once, “I thought of Emmett Till, and when the bus driver ordered me to move to the back, I just couldn’t move.” The young man’s murder and subsequent pictures were a motivating factor in the ending of a radical injustice in our society. Just as Mrs. Till said so many decades ago, I say now, “I want the whole world to see what they did to these babies.” We will continue to allow our children to be murdered until we grow a backbone and truly care for the least of these in our society. Ignorance is not an option. As William Wilberforce remarked concerning the British slave trade, “You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”

2e7ae569163f4d6f3e9afc5f057e212b*A friend also pointed out another precedent in the aftermath of World War Two. He said, “The US troops forced German civilians through the concentration camps after the war was over. There, the citizens who had not directly killed anyone but empowered a political system that murdered millions, faced the cruel reality of the Holocaust. Prior to the tours the citizens were indignant toward Allied troops, proud even in their defeat. Afterward, they were broken, left with a haunting guilt that would plague them for the rest of their lives. I imagine my own judgment will be so very similar when I stand before the Throne of Righteousness and have to answer for a lifetime of murder, lust, idolatry, theft, blasphemy, and the like. Until a man faces the sin in his own life, he cannot understand what that sin truly means, nor will he wish to eliminate it.” More can be found about that here.


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