What Can You Do for Life?

bgfbf“There are more people working full time to kill babies than working full time to save them.” Scott Klusendorf

Let the great profundity and sadness of this reality sink in and go do something about it. I don’t need to explain what occurs in an abortion or give you the numbers of how many babies will die. Most know its gruesome and it is a lot. Such pervasive evil though ought not to cripple us into inaction. What can you do?

1- Learn more about the debate and begin talking with friends, coworkers, and family members. Read books, articles and everything you can get your hands on concerning this issue.
2- Volunteer at crisis pregnancy centers.
3- Donate your time and money to prolife groups.
4- Support prolife candidates for public office.
5- Write and call your politicians urging them to greater advocacy for the unborn.
6- Adopt unwanted children. Consider becoming a foster parent.
7- Teach and preach about this subject at church. Talk to your pastor about speaking on this issue more often. Find out your denomination’s position on the status of the unborn. Leave it if you have to.
8- Sign prolife petitions, go on marches, and peacefully protest outside abortion mills.
9- Utilize social media to proliferate the prolife message. Tweet, Instagram, and share pictures and posts about life and protecting all children.
10- Treat all people with respect and kindness because we all have objective value and worth.
11- Call in on radio shows and write pieces for the opinion sections in newspapers defending life.
12- Put up a sign in your yard and bumper stickers on the back of your cars with basic prolife principles.
13- Teach your children to value themselves and the lives of others. Emulate this in your relationships with them. Model sexual purity.
14- Attend prolife conferences.
15- If God has gifted you in such a way, become a prolife apologist and debate people in the public sphere on this issue.
16- Refuse to use the services of companies and products that support the so-called “right” to elective abortion.
17- Pray for women, men, and children affected by this great evil. Pray for our president and other politicians who support the practice. Pray and fast often.
18- Preach the gospel indiscriminately to all especially the abortionist and those who have aborted their babies.


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