Questions for Dating

christian-datingDating as a Christian. If you’re like me, you’re likely annoyed and tired of articles, books, lectures, powerpoints, conversations, writing in the sky made by planes, letters, facebook messages, tweets, song lyrics, sermons, messages written on billboards, tattoos, secret mirages on the horizon, texts, signs in the heavens, facial expressions, blogs, TV shows, sculptures, YouTube videos, vines, facetime chats with your friends, pinterest posts, emails, and every other medium of communication on a “Christian” view of dating. All I would add is Christians ought to carry themselves worthy of their Lord and honor each other with their whole beings. To help with the dating process, below are some questions I’ve seen or read about over the years that are helpful as you seek to pursue another person made in the image of God for the sake of marriage.

What are some things about God that are utterly precious in your walk with the Lord?

What are some things that are mysterious to you concerning the Lord and are an occasional or habitual struggle you have believing?

What do you believe about the Bible?

How often are you in the Scriptures?

How often do you pray?

Do you have a daily thirst for righteousness?

Have you ever gone through a period of spiritual rebellion?

What are some of the most joy-creating memories you have about Christ?

What do you think about missions?

If the Lord commanded or called you through his Word, His Spirit, His people, His wisdom, or other means to leave the States to go overseas for missions, could and would you do it?

Would you go to the 10/40 window?

What is the purpose of dating?

What is the purpose of marriage?

What is the purpose of your life?

Are there people in your life you would willingly and joyfully give yourself in sacrifice for at a moment’s whim?

Do you attend Church regularly?

Would you rather listen to another talk within common conversation or talk more?

What are your thoughts concerning the family and children?

Would you adopt if you had the opportunity?

What are your thoughts about parenting including discipline and education?

What type of roles do husbands and wives have within a relationship?

What is the goal of theological education?

What do you want to hear the Lord say when you meet him for the first time?

Where do you see yourself in 10, 20, 30 years?

Who has been the most important influence in your life?

What are some constant struggles within your walk with the Lord? How do you deal with them?

Are you a hard worker?

Who has the right to correct you in your daily walk? Who keeps you accountable?

How do you handle suffering, defeat, and unfulfilled desires?

Why do you think God allows bad things to happen to good people?

Where do you stand in issues of __________________?

Who do you go to when feeling insecure or weak?

How was your upbringing?

What do you think are proper levels of affection within a dating relationship?

What do you think on issues concerning finances (money)?

Are you ok with a lower-income type of life in ministry?

Do you have a close relationship with your family?

What are your personal expectations concerning a boyfriend or significant other?

What are some things that you will not compromise on?

What makes you weep?

What makes you happy?

What cuts you to your core and makes you angry?

What types of things do you find offensive?

Are there areas of the Church where you seek to come alongside and serve your brothers and sisters in Christ?

Is there a specific type or area of ministry that you don’t feel comfortable in?

Are you a servant leader?

What ministry has God commanded and called you to?

Do you give often to those in need?

Do you evangelize often?

Are you aware of weaknesses and areas where your personality conflicts with others?

What qualities do you think you need to possess before entering marriage?

What qualities do you look for in another (husband)?

What are some nonnegotiables for you with your future husband?

What do you think about sex?

Are there things about me that you don’t like or cannot live with?

Why are you attracted to me?

What areas do you think I excel in that would be helpful for you to excel in and vice versa?

What are your thoughts on divorce?

What is your complete sexual history in addition to your spouse?

Women: Have you been pregnant before?

Do you have any children from a previous relationship?

Men: Have you gotten anyone pregnant before?

Do you have any children from a previous relationship?

Have you ever been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease?

If you have been sexually active in the past, have you been tested for STDs?

Is there any history of violence or sexual abuse in your past or current relationship?

Have you had any sexual contact with anyone else during your current relationship?

Have you ever experienced a same-sex attraction?

What is your experience with pornography? Explain: when, for how long, and the last time you viewed it.

Are you currently using pornography at all? Explain.

Have you experienced ongoing guilt and shame from past sexual sins?

Have you been completely honest in answering these questions?

Are you withholding anything or keeping something secret?

It might seem too hard to tell this information, but lying to your spouse only delays the pain and keeps sin between you, causing division.


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