Dr. Groothuis Answers Some Questions about Apologetics

fegvrtgDr. Douglas Groothuis is a Christian apologist and philosopher who teaches at Denver seminary. He recently wrote and published what is quickly becoming one of the most popular apologetics resources: Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith. We used his book in my undergraduate apologetics class and I have since recommended and gifted the book on numerous occasions. Dr. Groothuis answers some questions below.

What role should apologetics have in the Church?

It is incumbent on all Christians to defend their faith rationally: 1 Peter 3:15

How early should ministers begin teaching youth or children apologetics? Or should they?

As early as arguments can be understood. That will vary from child to child. There are solid apologetic materials for every level now!

fdvrgdgHow can apologetics enrich the faith of the ordinary Christian in the pews?

We cannot expect great service for Christ without intellectual confidence. Apologetics builds this confidence, if done well. It also helps lead people to Christ, which is vital to the morale of the church (among other things).

What are some of the greatest threats to Christianity and how can apologetics serve as a valuable tool at addressing such concerns?

Religious pluralism, the problem of evil, and apathy and ignorance. Christians need to be smarter ! Read JP Moreland’s book Love Your God With All Your Mind

What are some apologetic pitfalls for those attempting to utilize apologetics in their evangelism? Said differently, what are some things to avoid in the Christian’s apologetic endeavors with unbelievers?

Avoid easy, cheap answers; dig deep. Pray more.

How is your book better than others currently on the market?

I think it is the most complete. I tried!

Dr. Groothuis blogs on occasion here and has provided many of his apologetic lectures online for free here. Add him on facebook and follow him on twitter. Dr. Groothuis has written on many topics including natural theology, Pascal’s wager, and the New Age Movement. His works can be found throughout bookstores across the nation as well as online stores.


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