How May I Know that I have Eternal Life?

“The Bible teaches clearly that the evidence of God’s work in a life is the inevitable fruit of transformed behavior (1 John 3:10). Faith that does not result in righteous living is dead and cannot save (James 2:14-17). Professing Christians utterly lacking the fruit of true righteousness will find no biblical basis for assurance they are saved (1 John 2:4). Real salvation is not only justification. It cannot be isolated from regeneration, sanctification, and ultimately glorification. Salvation is an ongoing process as much as it is a past event. It is the work of God through which we are “conformed to the image of His Son” (Romans 8:29, cf. Romans 13:11). Genuine assurance comes from seeing the Holy Spirit’s transforming work in one’s life, not from clinging to the memory of some experience.” John MacArthur

“The whole of John’s Epistle is a commentary on what believing faith looks like and how counterfeit faith may be opposed and corrected.” Robert Yarbrough

How may I know that I have eternal life? The epistle of 1 John gives the reader some helpful indicators. Walk through the book and examine your life in comparison. Use this brothers and sisters when you have doubts. Search the Scriptures and let the Lord have the last word on your salvation.

  • Walking in Light vs. Walking in Darkness (1:6-7)
  • Confession of sin vs. Saying we have no sin (1:8-10)
  • Keeping Commandments (2:3-5a)
  • Walking as Jesus Walked (2:5b-6)
  • Loving brother vs. hating brother (2:9-10)
  • Doing God’s Will vs. Loving the world (2:15-17)
  • Confessing the Son vs.Denying the Son (2:23-24)
  • Practicing righteousness vs. practicing sin (3:4-10a)
  • Loving brother vs. not loving brother (3:10b)
  • Loving brother vs. hating brother (3:14-15)
  • Keeping God’s commandments (3:24a)
  • Presence of the Spirit (3:24b)
  • Listening to Apostolic teaching vs. false teaching (4:6)
  • Loving vs. not loving (4:7-8)
  • Loving one another (4:11-12)
  • Presence of the Spirit (4:13)
  • Confession of Jesus Christ as the Son of God (4:15)
  • Loving brother vs. hating brother (4:20-21)
  • Believing Jesus is the Christ (5:1)
  • Love for the Father evidenced by love for God’s people (5:2)
  • Loving God= Loving God’s people= keeping commandments [not burdensome] (5:3)
  • Believing God’s testimony concerning his Son; having the Son vs. not having the Son (5:10-12)
  • Not continuing to sin (5:20)

2 responses to “How May I Know that I have Eternal Life?

  1. Austin, thanks for taking the time to compose this blog post. I actually preached a sermon on this very thing also from 1 John. I will most definitely post this to my FaceBook wall.

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