The Unrequited Love of the Sea Temptest

You terrigenous sea tempest

Too proud to ever boast

Don’t be ashamed of your providences

The waves know what you desire the most


Your unrequited love

Festers and simmers down deep

Try to move and wake him

Stir him from his slumber and sleep


You work the waters religiously

But visit Caesar’s brothel nonetheless

You strangle seamen with your billows

And drown them beneath your crest


Your cries of agony

Born of self-hatred and blame

Fall on apathetic ears

But no liability do you claim


You wrestle for the power

That Poseidon dares not to share

Taking it out on the unsuspecting sailors

As they’re out on travels and fares


Immortality becomes your curse

As you despondently exist

Never giving the waves a chance

To offer ineffable sacrifices of bliss


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